Discount Food Stores in Charlotte NC

 When shopping in Discount Food Stores in Charlotte it is important to remember what is important to you. Convenience. Price. Quality of Service. There are a multitude of discount food store options available in Charlotte.

There is Goshen Grocery. Goshen Grocery is conveniently located between Charlotte and Rock Hill. We have a variety of selections ranging from food stuffs to toiletry items. You can find many of your favorite brands. We have items ranging from crackers to sweets to canned goods to tooth paste to shampoo to licorice to soups to breads.

Goshen Grocery is located at 375 Starlight Drive and more often then not the owner is on hand to give you custom personalized service as you search for what you need. He often personally rings up purchases on the cash register giving personalized old time service.

Stepping into Goshen Grocery feels like stepping into the the past. The quality of service and selection and the homey and cozy feel of the store is like stepping into and old-time grocery store.